20-Minute Orange Chicken Recipe

This 20-Minute Orange Chicken is the perfect option if you’re craving sweet yet tangy orange chicken but don’t want a boring take-out meal! I love going to the chinese restaurant in my local mall and getting chinese food to bring home. What I don’t love though is by the time I get home it’s all … Read more

Spicy General Tso’s Chicken

This is the easiest way to get your take-out fix..spicy General Tso’s chicken, a great flavor explosion you can enjoy in minutes! I am not kidding you, this spicy General Tso’s chicken not only has a little kick (it is called “spicy”, after all) but the underlying flavor…oooh. You’re going to want to make a … Read more

Take-Out Style Sesame Chicken

This Take-Out Style Sesame Chicken is so good it’ll have you second-guessing if take out is actually better than this! The nice thing about making your own sesame chicken is that it’s SO much faster than ordering take out. Think about it, in the time it takes to make rice and set your table, you’re … Read more

Restaurant Style Chicken Teriyaki

This Restaurant Style Chicken Teriyaki is so good it’ll have you wanting to make your own instead of ordering take out! I personally love finding copycat recipes for food I love getting at restaurants because I think it ends up being cheaper and I get to have the whole batch to myself! This recipe has … Read more

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

I love this recipe for easy chicken fried rice. It’s so full of flavor, just like restaurant style fried rice. In just a few minutes, you get this awesome meal that the whole family will love–even quicker than ordering take-out! For the most part, my kids are willing to eat a fairly wide variety of … Read more